Why Kivnon is the best option to automate your internal logistics?

We have more than 10 years of experience, producing AGV with safety as a premise and high quality as a basic requirement. Producing mobile robots for many different sectors and are constantly growing, We are here for you. We have had safety as a premise since we started. If we had something clear is that Kivnon’s […]

Everything about AGV and its different types.

Do you think you know all about AGVs? Keep reading and you will discover it! What is an AGV? The AGV is a mobile robot that fills a predeterminated instruction or signals to move around and complete actions (such as picking or dropping materials) autonomously. Differences between AGV&AMR Many people would say that there’s no […]

AgrarIA relies on AWS services to accelerate the digital transformation of the agri-food industry

AgrarIA, a project in which KIVNON participates, reaches an agreement with AWS as a technology partner. Proyecto AgrarIA was created to boost digital innovation in the Spanish agri-food sector through cloud services. This strategic initiative aims to accelerate the digital transformation of the agri-food chain through a technological platform based on cloud services Amazon Web Services […]

Is It Time To Automate? Considering automation


NEWS | BY KIVNON 7 points to consider when considering automation More and more manufacturers, research firms, and companies are turning to automation to reduce costs and boost quality. Investing in new technology also helps them compete and win new opportunities in an array of industries. However, investing in automation has to make financial sense […]

AGV Product Delivery Date: The 2022 ROI Calculation

AGV Product Delivery Date

NEWS | BY KIVNON AGV vendors must promise a product delivery date with a guarantee not to exceed 180 days from purchase order to delivery. The best automation solution on paper means nothing if it cannot be delivered in 2022. Even remarkable AGVs means nothing if manufacturers and logistics leaders cannot take delivery of the […]

IIoT: Programmable logic controller Vs personal computer in automated mobile robots

Programmable logic controller

NEWS | BY KIVNON The evolution of PCs and Programmable logic controller have reduced the differences between them One of the most crucial decisions in the initial design phase of a machine is the selection of the control system. Traditionally, PLCs (Programmable logic controller) have been used for the automation of industrial processes and the […]

Logistics Warehouses Quickly Adopting Automation to Reduce Walk Time

automation to reduce walk

NEWS | BY KIVNON Reducing walking time by optimizing pickers’ routes can be accomplished by increasing pick speed and multiple picking orders Driven by dramatic eCommerce upticks during COVID, there is no sign that automation in warehouses and logistics operations will slow anytime soon. Compounded by the Great Resignation, there are not enough hands to […]

Kivnon joins Proxinnov, the robotics Digital Innovation Hub for France


NEWS | BY KIVNON Proxinnov is a key point of reference for industrial robotics In May, Kivnon became the newest member of Proxinnov, the robotics Digital Innovation Hub for France. Proxinnov is an essential reference cluster in the field of robotics integration. It should be noted that via the network of Digital Innovation Poles, Proxinnov […]

Kivnon Voted Newest Member of MHI’s Mobile Automation Group (MAG) During Spring Conference

NEWS | BY KIVNON Kivnon recently joined MHI Mobile Automation Group (MAG) Industry Group Barberà del Vallès 12/05/2022. Kivnon Voted Newest Member of MHI’s Mobile Automation Group (MAG) during Spring Conference. Kivnon USA, the leader in developing, designing, producing, and distributing automated guided vehicles (AGVs), recently joined MHI Mobile Automation Group (MAG) Industry Group. Members […]