New Kivnon Showroom Experience in our HQ offices!

General image of our Showroom with AGV in movement

Check out the opening of our new Kivnon Showroom at our Head Quarters offices in Barbera del Vallès. Kivnon Showroom has been designed to provide an exclusive experience that introduces visitors to discover the benefits, processes and different solutions of our mobile robots. In Kivnon Showroom Experience, you’ll witness live demonstrations of our advanced AGV/AMRs […]

AER Automation Atenea Project First Summit

Thierry Delmas in Atenea's Project Summit

AER Automation drive collaboration hosting Atenea Project First on-site Summit in Advanced Factories 2024 Atenea Project was launched in 2023 with the purpose of providing a platform where AER Automation affiliated startups & scaleups could meet associated executive leaders, motivating strategic partnerships and future support & growth opportunities in this first summit. Kivnon took part […]

New K05 Mapping Navigation Version

In an era where industrial automation is not just a trend but a necessity, marks a significant leap in navigation technology, redefining
the standards of operational flexibility.