We develop the latest navigation system technologies for AGVs/AMRs adapted to any environment and industry

Magnetic navigation

The AGV travels along a circuit formed by a magnetic guide, made from adhesive tape or an underground guide, where RFID tags are positioned. These tags contain the orders the vehicle must perform on the circuit. When the AGV travels over an RFID tag, it reads the information it contains and performs the indicated functions (stops, communications with field elements, battery charging, etc.).

FlexTag application: Tool developed by Kivnon which the user can create, configure, and modify their own magnetic navigation circuits
Easy to install and adjust the circuit’s design using the magnetic tape.
navigation Magnetic line agv
Full versatility and flexibility to modify circuits
Simple configuration and modification of functions within the circuit

Mapping navigation

The AGV/AMR freely navigates around the environment based on SLAM technology. This means no elements, like tape or tags, need to be installed on the floor. The vehicle can construct a map of the plant that facilitates its orientation and positioning at all times.

FlexMap management system: Software designed by Kivnon which the user can create, configure, and modify their own mapping navigation circuits
Full versatility and flexibility in the production area in event of changes in cycle and circuits
Generation of maps for dynamic, changing environments
Attainment of future information on the AGV/AMR’s movements
twister agv
No pre-installation on flooring required
Generation of infinite circuits
Simple configuration and modification of circuits and orders
Optimal technology for changes in production lines

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