About us

We are an industrial robotics company that support our international customers as they adapt to Industry 4.0

Our purpose as a mobile robotics company is to offer them innovative, customized AGV/AMRs.

Over a decade of growth together with mobile robots

Kivnon is an international company dedicated to mobile robotics with its head office in Barcelona (Spain).

Since it was initially founded as a family-owned business in 2009, it has been offering customers innovative, highly technological solutions for the implementation of automated guided vehicle (AGVs/AMRs) systems.

Our comprehensive projects in mobile robotics include the design, prototyping and manufacture of AGVs/AMRs, their installation and launch, as well as technical assistance and customer service.

With exports to more than 17 countries around the world, Kivnon have different offices in Europe, North America and South America with the opening of our own strategically subsidiaries that will provide support to our local customers.

Mission and Vision


Develop innovative AMR/AGV solutions that address the challenges our customers face.


Be a world leader in the development and implementation of innovative mobile robotics solutions.


 Kivnon’s corporate values are the pillars that define each of our actions:


Our passion ensures we seek to overcome challenges and improve every day.


Our efforts are focused on offering optimal quality AGVs/AMRs as well as fulfilling and exceeding our customers’ expectations.


We work to foster an excellent work environment based on trust, camaraderie, and positivity. We encourage teams where our employees feel valued and listened to.


Knowledge is the key to our success. For this reason, we strongly support internal talent by promoting the personal and professional development of our employees.

Kivnon’s history

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Kivnon commences its activity in December 2009 with a team of engineers who possess extensive experience in the automation and mobile robotics sector.


The Kivnon brand is officially registered and manufacturing of our first AGV model, the AGV Mouse K10, begins. The first two models in this series are deployed at the Johnson Controls production plant in Barcelona (Spain).


Exports and marketing of our products in the European market begins. Our first international project is successfully carried out in Italy at the Johnson Controls manufacturing plants in Melfi, Cicerale and Rocca d’Evandro.


First installation at a car manufacturer, Ford in Valencia (Spain)


Kivnon expands its operating radius in Europe and cracks the markets in Germany, Sweden, and France.


Our product portfolio expands with the development of the AGV Tractor K20 model and our activity is diversified with the first AGVs for the pharmaceutical industry. In Europe, we continue advancing with the distribution of AGVs in the Czech Republic and by taking part in the international Hannover Messe trade fair in Germany for the first time.


This is an important year for the company: Kivnon consolidates its position as a leading AGV supplier in the automotive industry, collaborating with major manufacturers, such as SEAT, Opel, and Renault. Two new products are developed: the AGV Mouse K11 TWO-WAY and the AGV Tractor K32. In addition, five omnidirectional AGVs are designed specifically for container transport. In terms of our diversification endeavors, the first AGVs for the food industry are marketed in Austria.


We develop an AGV with artificial vision and we undertake our first collaboration project with the company ABB to design the AGV Collaborative Robot, whose collaborative robot is found on board the AGV. To strengthen our brand nationally, we showcase our services and latest innovations in mobile robotics at the Logistics fair in Madrid: the AGV K11 TWO-WAY, the AGV K32, the AGV Collaborative Robot, and the AGV Artificial Vision.


Another key year for Kivnon: our internationalization plan is launched. The founding of our first foreign subsidiary, Kivnon Deutschland GmbH, in Germany, coincides with us marketing our first AGVs in the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Romania and Mexico. In Spain, we become the leading AGV supplier for Renault’s Valladolid plant and we develop a new product, the AGV K05 Twister.


The Kivnon Group is born, under the name of Kivnon Global, S.L., encompassing the companies 2000 DCLane, Kivnon Logística, Kivnon Deutschland and Kivnon Slovakia. To increase our production capacity, we transfer our head office to Barberà del Vallès where we have a production plant covering 6,000m2. Immersed in our internationalization plan, we open a new subsidiary in Slovakia – Kivnon Slovakia s.r.o. – and we begin marketing our products in Hungary.


Following the success of our AGVs on the American continent, we open new subsidiaries in the United States, Mexico, and Brazil. At the same time, we strengthen our presence in Europe by opening a new subsidiary in the United Kingdom and we take part in the Logimat fair in Germany, presenting our latest development, the AGV K41Slim. In Spain, Kivnon is recognized by the PIMEC association as 2018’s most competitive SME.


At the American fair Modex, we are showcasing our product portfolio and inaugurating our new North American office. Meanwhile, in Europe, we are further expanding Kivnon's presence by establishing a subsidiary in France, located just south of Paris. Locally, in Spain, we are proud to announce that Banco Santander has named us the fourth SME of the year in Barcelona.


Kivnon introduced two remarkable new models: the K03, which featured a rotational lifting platform, and the K55, an advanced automated forklift. In the digital sphere, we have undergone a complete rebranding of our website, offering a fresh and innovative online experience. Additionally, We initiated our involvement in the AgrarIA project, dedicated to researching sustainable applications in agricultural production.


Kivnon kept expanding globally by joining MHI's Mobile Automation Group (MAG) in the USA and forming a partnership with Proxxinov, a robotics and digital innovation hub in France. Additionally, we actively participated in several industry trade shows, including Advanced Factories in Barcelona, Logimat in Stuttgart, Logistics & Automation in Madrid, and Modex in Atlanta.


We carried out a rebranding for the K55, along with the launch of a new pallet stacker for the American market, known as the K55A. Kivnon also achieved the remarkable milestone of installing 5,000 mobile robots in over 20 countries. Our active participation in various industry events, such as Promat (Chicago), Advanced (Barcelona), and Logimat (Stuttgart), further solidified our presence in the global market.