Robotic Solutions
& Accessories

Kivnon's automated production systems and tailored accessories for intralogistics processes in Industry 4.0

Reliability, technology, and innovation for your industry

Kivnon offers a wide range of mobile robotic solutions and accessories for the transport of all kinds of goods,
using magnetic or mapping technologies, that adapt to any environment and industry.

K03 Twister

Navigate tight spaces with precision and power.

K05 Twister

Precise for high-density storage areas.


K11 Two-Way Mouse

Add versatility in long-distance intralogistics bidirectional movement

K10 One-Way Mouse

Provide flexibility in assembly line processes with unidirectional movement.

K41 Omnidirectional

Provide flexibility in assembly line processes with unidirectional movement.

K32 Tractor

Transport heavy loads in convoy trailer mode.

K55A Pallet Mover

Designed to move closed palletized loads at heights.

K55B Pallet Mover

Designed to move opened palletized loads at heights.

Kivnon Accessories

Our mobile robotics solutions come with a range of accessories to ensure the proper implementation of all types of projects.
We offer various types of loading systems to maximize the performance of your processes, allowing continuous operation of the AGV without downtime.

Additionally, we provide accessories that integrate directly with the AGV, such as trolleys, clutch kits, lift tables, and/or remote devices for coordinating load movements.


AGV mobile robotic towing trolley