AER Automation Atenea Project First Summit

Thierry Delmas in Atenea's Project Summit

AER Automation drive collaboration hosting Atenea Project First on-site Summit in Advanced Factories 2024

First Atenea's Project Summit in Advanced Factories

Atenea Project was launched in 2023 with the purpose of providing a platform where AER Automation affiliated startups & scaleups could meet associated executive leaders, motivating strategic partnerships and future support & growth opportunities in this first summit.

Kivnon took part of this event with the presence of Thierry Delmas, as our Managing Director, active offering valuable experience and market insights to fellow participants. 

The value relies in the cultivation of an enviroment where strategic players drive progress and advance collective goals. 

Kivnon & Magnetika’s collaboration in R&D developments is a testament that emerge from this project alliances.

Moving forward we remain empowering Atenea’s Project, to prove that collaboration paves the way for Industry advancements. 

Thierry Delmas in Atenea's Project Summit
Thierry Delmas, Kivnon Managing Director
in Atenea's Porject summit.