Explore new website of our partner Vortex in Bulgaria


Discover the new website of our partner Vortex Robotics in Bulgaria.

Our Partner Vortex Robotics has extensive experience in engineering, automation and robotics, parter with them comes as a next step in designing and developing innovative solutions for the business.

What to expect from Vortex new website

1. Explore our Product Portfolio 

We aim to offer a product portfolio developed to meet the different needs of our clients, with a focus on innovation & quality. 

Through this collaboration, now you can explore our range of products on the website of our partners Vortex Robotics, thereby making easier than ever for businesses in Bulgaria & Balkan region to access our range of production systems solutions. 

2. Arrange for demos 

Now you can schedule in-situ showcases with just a click, in Vortex website.

Explore the different Kivnon mobile robot solutions, and ask for a demo and see firsthand how our production systems can transform your operations & logistics. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about potential robotics applications that fit your business and improve efficiency. 

3. Local Support & Expertise 

Vortex Robotics understandthe unique challenges an dopportunities in the balkans regions, as they can offer specific solutions to cover their exactly needs. 

Moreover, this collaborations gives you the opportunity to have a local team that gives closer support, business can rely on Vortex Robotic’s to respond promptly and effectively. 

Our main purpose is to enhance overall customer satisfaction and foster stronger relationships with our partners. 


How to acces new Vortex Robotics website

Click here to visit Vortex Robotics new Website.

For more information feel free to ask Vortex team in Bulgaria.

Together we can make you achieve your global goals with local support, always close to you.