New K05 Mapping Navigation Version


New K05 Mapping Version:
Revolutionizing navigation in diverse industries

In an era where industrial automation is not just a trend but a necessity,
marks a significant leap in navigation technology, redefining
the standards of operational flexibility.


At it’s core, K05 Mapping leverages to Natural feature Navigation, based in SLAM technology, enabling to autonomously navigate by creating a real-time detailed virtual map of their enviroment. 

K05 mapping user laser sensors to scan the surroundings, identifying walls, obstacles and landmarks to generate a comprehensive virtual landscape. 

This innovative approach, allows for dynamic navigation and task execution providing a significant leap in operational flexibility and efficiency. 

By eliminating the reliance on physical markers such as RFID tags or magnteic tapes, K05 Mapping not only reduces setup and modification costs but also opens up new possibilities for optimizing space and improving the density of actions within a given area.

Benefits of K05 Mapping

Here are the top 5 benefits of K05 Mapping:

  • Comprehensive Supply Chain Support:

Kivnon offers a full spectrum of services from consultive sales, and product customization to meet specific client needs, through installation and ongoing maintenance of the mobile robots. 

This ensures a seamless integration and operation of K05 Mapping technology within the client’s supply chain. 

  • Communication Systems Integration

The K05 is designed to integrate with any superior communication system, including those based on VDA 5050

This flexibility eliminates the dependency on specific software, allowing for easier adaptability to changes and simplifying the process of programming interventions. 

  • Versatile Accessory Integration

It’s develepoment has been implemented to work with various accessories like lifting tables, conveyor tables or double pins, enhancing material handling capabilities with increased safety and precision.

This adaptability makes it suitable for handling diverse materials and tasks with variying weights and formats. 

  • Empowerment through training

Kivnon is commited to empowering it’s clients by providing specific training sessions. 

This fact ensures that clients are well-equipped to manage, modify and optimize their operations using Kivnon’s advanced production systems, enhancing operational independence and efficiency.

  • High-Density Enviroment

K05 Mapping technology excels in high-density enviroments where space is at a premium. 

It eliminates physical limitations, often encountered with traditional navigation systems, enabling a higher concentration of actions in confined spaces. 

This is beneficial for applications requiring the transportation of materials in densely populated areas or projects with numerous tasks in limited spaces.