How Kivnon transformed Faurecia’s Vitoria Automotive Seats Production

Faurecia Victoria Mobile Robotic AGV Twister K05 for intralogistics operations

Faurecia Vitoria's plant meet the demands of a new client,
while improving operational harmony, transitioning from chaos to order.


Faurecia’s needs were clear: expand their buffer of AGVs at the end of the production line to accomodate their needs.

The solution Kivnon offered was to implement some of our K05 productive systems with Siemens RFIDs to integrate it into the Faurecia’s existing infraestructure. 

Transforming their chatotic storage landscape into a a organised hub. 


Storage Chaos: Faurecia faced the challenge of disorganized storage, in accommodating the production demands of a new client. The existing storage was chaotic and inefficient. 

Handling Inefficiencies: Navigating through warehouses and handling finished seats resulted in time-consuming processes and increased the risk of errors. 

Limited Visibility: Faurecia lacked real-time visibility into stock levels  and shipping statuses, making it difficult to make informed decisions. 


Automation Solutions: Kivnon provided productive systems with RFID technology. These mobile robots integrated into Faurecia’s existing infraestructure, transforming the storage landscape from chaotic to organized. 

Efficiency Gains: With this new implementation, Faurecia bid farewell to manual handling inefficiencies, retrieving finished seats and organizing them within the buffer, optimizing logistics and streamlining operations. 

Real-time Monitoring: The integration of RFID tags enabled real-time monitoring of stock levels and shipping statuses. This way they won unparalleled visibility into their inventory management processes, empowering to make informed decisions. 

Space Optimization: Faurecia reclaimed valuable floor space, maximizing the utilization of their facility. 

In Conclusion, the success of Faurecia’s transformation underscores the transformative potential of embracing automation and intelligent systems. 

Through strategic collaboration with Kivnon, Faurecia positioned themselves for sustained growth and organitzation in the dynamic automotive landscape, proving that efficiency and collaboration are the driving forces behind success in the modern era of manufacturing.