AGV Accesories

We design all the tools and accessories production systems require to fit your objectives.

Kivnon has an extensive selection of tools designed to optimize 

the efficiency of your mobile robotics.

AGV that fits in tight spaces

Coupling Systems

Coupling systems accessories are indispensable components for maximizing the performance of AGVs in industrial environments.

From payload flexibility to integrated safety features and customization options, these accessories enhance AGV functionality, efficiency, and reliability.


Applications Complements

Our range of complements is engineered to meet the needs of different industries considering their needs.

With a focus on precision engineering and reliability, our solutions empower your operations to achieve new levels of productivity and performance.

navigation for agv

Remote Devices

Remote devices such as PLCs, Sto&Destination modules, and I/O boxes play a vital role, supporting actions and facilitating the integration of human labor with automated processes.

With intuitive interfaces, seamless integration, and real-time communication capabilities, these complements facilitate collaboration in industrial environments.


Battery Chargers

Portable battery chargers allow the AGV/AMR to be charged at any point on its circuit.

Kivnon offers an online battery charging system that can be customized and integrated within the circuit, allowing for full vehicle autonomy (24/7).

Kivnon has a battery exchange drawer to replace AGVs/AMRs’ discharged batteries in a matter of seconds.

battery for charging agv

Smartpad App

The main characteristic of all Kivnon tools is their user-friendly design. 

The simple, intuitive nature of our applications and software allows you to perform tasks much more comfortably and efficiently


Smartpad:   Application to control and move automated guided vehicles (AGVs/AMRs) via Bluetooth connection. The Smartpad allows for monitoring the status of the vehicles.  


AGV mobile robotic towing trolley