Logistics Warehouses Quickly Adopting Automation to Reduce Walk Time

automation to reduce walk

NEWS | BY KIVNON Reducing walking time by optimizing pickers’ routes can be accomplished by increasing pick speed and multiple picking orders Driven by dramatic eCommerce upticks during COVID, there is no sign that automation in warehouses and logistics operations will slow anytime soon. Compounded by the Great Resignation, there are not enough hands to […]

Kivnon joins Proxinnov, the robotics Digital Innovation Hub for France


NEWS | BY KIVNON Proxinnov is a key point of reference for industrial robotics In May, Kivnon became the newest member of Proxinnov, the robotics Digital Innovation Hub for France. Proxinnov is an essential reference cluster in the field of robotics integration. It should be noted that via the network of Digital Innovation Poles, Proxinnov […]

Kivnon Voted Newest Member of MHI’s Mobile Automation Group (MAG) During Spring Conference

NEWS | BY KIVNON Kivnon recently joined MHI Mobile Automation Group (MAG) Industry Group Barberà del Vallès 12/05/2022. Kivnon Voted Newest Member of MHI’s Mobile Automation Group (MAG) during Spring Conference. Kivnon USA, the leader in developing, designing, producing, and distributing automated guided vehicles (AGVs), recently joined MHI Mobile Automation Group (MAG) Industry Group. Members […]

Automated Guided Vehicles Transform Warehouse Operations

Automated Guided Vehicles

NEWS | BY KIVNON The crunch on warehouse and other material-handling operations, and how Automated Guided Vehicles technology can help The pandemic both reduced the available workforce and accelerated online sales. Warehouse operations grew and had to handle increased volume with fewer employees. Prior to Covid-19, the answer to this problem was to hire more […]

Partners of the Future: Fast Forward Project


NEWS | BY KIVNON Future: Fast Forward project partners apply to the PERTE VEC with the aim of turning Spain into a European electric vehicle hub Barberà del Vallès 04/05/2022. The partners of Future: Fast Forward project, led by Volkswagen Group and SEAT S.A., have today applied to the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and […]

Kivnon at MODEX 2022

MODEX 2022

NEWS | BY KIVNON Kivnon was part of MODEX 2022, one of the World’s largest exhibitions for the supply chain, manufacturing, and distributions industries Kivnon highlighted robotics automation during MODEX 2022 at Booth #C5488. Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center hosted MODEX from March 28-31, 2022. MODEX is the one-of-a-kind manufacturing and supply chain industry event […]

Cost-effective AGV automation solutions on Quality Digest Live podcast

cost-effective AGV automation solutions

NEWS | BY KIVNON Cost-effective AGV automation solutions Mike Kotzian, Managing Director of Kivnon USA, was a recent guest on Quality Digest Live podcast hosted by Dirk Dusharme who also serves as editor of Quality Digest magazine.  Kotzian shared cost-effective mobile robotic solutions for factory floors, warehouses, and distribution centres to handle materials from storage […]

Kivnon participates in AgrarIA project

AgrarIA project

NEWS | BY KIVNON The AgrarIA project is set to investigate the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to the agricultural production value chain to enable an efficient, productive and sustainable transformation of the sector The consortium of 24 public-private organizations, within the framework of the Digital Spain Agenda 2025 and the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, […]

Mobile robotics website with a modern design and adapted to new trends

mobile robotics

NEWS | BY KIVNON Brand-new mobile robotics website, with a modern design and adapted to new trends. Kivnon, specialists in innovative mobile robotics solutions, presents its brand-new website Kivnon.com, with a renewed, more modern, and functional design, which offers the user a pleasant and intuitive navigation. The new portal is available in several languages, English, […]