A new generation of Automation with Small Mobile Robots


Small Robots are highly versatile and adaptable in various enviroments. Having valuable capabilities contributing to increased productivity in this new era of automation.

As they grow in popularity, small mobile robots could be the key to streamlining operations and staying ahead of competitors. Read on to learn more

The upfront automation benefits of small mobile robots

1. Operational Efficiency

Small mobile robots are designed to have a compact footprint.
Not only does this ensure they can successfully operate in small spaces, but reduces the risk of interference from surrounding peripherals. 
Being able to operate without colliding with other robots or obstacles is critical for multirobot work cells and production lines.
What’s more, this feature is also essential for human and robot collaboration. Being able to work safely alongside workers has accelerated their adoption into various industries where collaboration is vital for productivity.

2. Versatility

With shorter reaches and a compact design, small mobile robots can automate tasks in tight spaces where larger mobile robots would be unable to fit. This is also beneficial to reducing the physical strain on human employees.

This versatile design is especially useful where space is premium or intricate tasks require delicate expertise and control. 

Just like their larger counterparts, small mobile robots are flexible enough to be moved around different enviroments and programmed to carry out various tasks. 

3. Space Optimization

Without requiring larger workspaces, small mobile robots are particularly suitable for installation in small warehouses or factories. 

Their space-saving design allows manufacturers to maximize their available floor space, which is fast becoming an asset in densely packed industrial enviroments. 

Even better, they have a great use case for manufacturers needing to transform their inventory management systems.

4. Affordability

Small mobile robots are less expensive. Their compact size requires less material to build, resulting in lower upfront costs. 

This affordability factor is a game changer for manufacturers with tight budgets or lower production volumes. 

Moreover, their cost-effectiveness is an advantage when justifying the cost of implementing robotic automation. 

The future of automation with small mobile robots

Technological advancements will also enable to be leveraged by large and small manufacturers of various industries.

As the technology of mobile robots evolve, they will be able to track and dynamically adjust their performance for optimal productivity.

Here, at Kivnon, we have a fleet of small mobile robots with a range of innovative features. Our AMRs can be safely integrated into your workspace. 

Get in contact with us if you have any questions on how our AMRs can automate your internal processes.