Mobile Robots in Assembly Lines: What Are The Benefits?


The benefits of implementing Mobile Robots in Assembly Lines in the manufacturing industry, revolutionizing the sector.

How exactly do mobile robots help manufacturers achieve such results? Let’s explore this in more detail.

Benefits of Mobile Robots and Assembly Lines 

1. Flexibility

Traditional assembly line processes are too rigid and don’t allow for instant product customization. However, with the adoption of  mobile robots, a modular and adaptable assembly line can be created, enabling manufacturers to adapt to changing customer preferences and market trends.
Unlike fixed assembly lines, which would require significant time and investment to reconfigure, robotics offer a cost-effective, dynamic solution to boosting assembly line flexibility.
Moreover, AMRs are more agile than their predecessor AGVs as they are not fixed and can be routed in warehouses without defined guided paths.

2. Scalability

By facilitating a more dynamic assembly line system, mobile robotics can assist in modifying the assembly line flow without major cost implications or downtime. Manufacturers can also start with a basic fleet of AMRs (to replace their conveyor-based assembly line system, for example) and grow according to their needs.

This agility allows manufacturers to effectively scale production (up or down) in response to market demands, economic fluctuations, or unexpected events such as transport delays or raw material shortages.

2. Efficiency

The adoption of mobile robots in assembly lines also offers a unique advantage in optimizing the production process. By leveraging the capabilities of these robots, manufacturers can bypass workstations where manual intervention is necessary.

This ‘smart skipping’ approach ensures each unit in the assembly line progresses where only necessary – reducing production time while multiplying productivity. 

Moreover, this automated intelligent routing of AMRs minimizes bottlenecks in the assembly line, eliminates redundancy, and enhances the quality of all processes and products.

Assemblying motor vehicles in Seat.

Transitioning to fully automated and agile assembly lines doesn’t require ripping out and replacing your warehouse infrastructure. 

Many of our customers start with one or two AMRs until they feel ready to deploy a larger fleet.

If you’re looking to automate your operations with innovative mobile robotics, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how to get started.