Understanding and Mitigating the risks of mobile robots​


Kivnon's approach to Minimize Risks

When integrating human-robot collaboration in manufacturing, it's crucial to understand and address potential risks and challenges. Safety hazards are a primary concern, as the close interaction between humans and machines poses unique challenges.

1. Sensor Technology

Kivnon mobile robots are outfitted with sensors, offering a complete 360-degree environmental awareness. This feature enables them to identify obstacles, including personnel, and implement measures to avoid any accidents.

2. Emergency stop systems

Each AGV/AMR is integrated with an emergency stop function thatworkers can engage. This system ensures the immediate cessation of the vehivle’s movement when it’s necessary.  

3. Clear signaling

Designed for maximum visibility, the robots are eqquiped with distinct signals. such as flashing lights and LED displays, to announce theis presence and intended direction, thereby aiding in the prevention of any accidental encounters. 

4. Safety checks and Maintenance

To guarantee optimal safety, AGVs/AMRs undergo regular maintenance and safety inspections. This process includes evaluating the efficiency of sensors, the effectiveness of brakes, and the overall mechanical soundness.

5. Specialized trainings

Kivnon ensures that operators of our mobile robots receive thorough training focused on safe vehicle operation. This training covers the understanding of safety features, operational guidelines, and handling procedures.

We place a high emphasis on safety in our robotic solutions, ensuring the well-being of human collaborators in manufacturing environments.

Simultaneously, the implementation of our technologies significantly boosts productivity. 

These innovations streamline processes, reduce manual labour, and increase efficiency, all while ensuring a harmonious and secure interaction between humans and machines.