The Power of Preventive Maintenance for Mobile Robots


Mobile robots are essential assets, automating tasks and streamlining processes, but they need regular preventive maintenance to ensure prolonged lifespan.

Preventive maintenance of mobile robots involves systematically inspecting, cleaning, and servicing AGVs before issues arise, preventing unexpected breakdowns that could disrupt operations and lead to costly downtime.

One notable aspect of Kivnon AGVs is their impressive track record of reliability. Some models have been operational for over 13 years since 2010, maintaining consistent functionality at various facilities, as Adient in Abrera, Catalonia. This is a testament to Kivnon’s commitment to quality and robust AGV/AMRs.

To keep AGVs operating optimally, logistics managers should prioritize training and skill development for their workforce. Operators must understand the AGVs’ functionalities, controls, and troubleshooting procedures. Effective training ensures that operators can handle routine maintenance tasks, identify early signs of potential issues, and take prompt action to address them.

Moreover, Kivnon offers clients the flexibility to choose between self-maintenance and professional assistance. While some logistics managers prefer to handle preventive maintenance in-house, Kivnon’s experienced team is readily available to perform maintenance tasks on behalf of clients. This option ensures that AGVs receive expert care, even if the client lacks the necessary resources or time to manage maintenance internally.

In conclusion, preventive maintenance of mobile robots is the key to maximize AGV efficiency and reliability.

By investing in proper training and leveraging the resources offered by Kivnon, logistics managers can ensure their AGVs remain at the top of their game, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency in the ever-evolving world of logistics.

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