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The solution to your peaks in production.


Kivnon AGVs provide a solution that reduces the risk of order misdelivery and assures service continuity even when it seems impossible.

The supply chain is under growing strain as a result of the large number of orders and ever-shorter delivery timeframes. Order fulfillment might be difficult during certain seasons. Peak seasons, such as Christmas, place a premium on internal logistical operations.

Kivnon AGVs provide a solution that reduces the risk of order misdelivery and assures service continuity. They provide dependable, resilient, and user-friendly equipment to satisfy the demands of intralogistics procedures.

They bring the possibility of not just meeting day-to-day needs, but also of operating at peak periods. Indeed, the benefit of deploying mobile robots such as AGVs/AMRs over stationary systems is the flexibility to add and remove robots as needed, as well as vary their operability to match demand.

In terms of automation, mobile robots are quickly becoming one of the most significant technologies for local suppliers. According to statistics from the Robot Market study, the number of organizations dedicated to internal logistics has climbed by 45% in the previous ten years. Spain has over 384 robotics and automation suppliers, although only 10% of these, like as Kivnon, manufacture their own AGVs.

The ability to design your own AGVs allows us to manage the whole manufacturing process of the mobile robots, using the best materials to provide improved safety, robustness, and excellent quality. It also enables us to customize and alter orders based on the needs and requirements of each customer, further personalizing the entire service.

We exist to optimize more than your time and solve your problems in intralogistic terms, so contact us and we will assist you.