The benefits of implementing AGVs in industry


Mobile Robots allow you to maximise efficiency and accuracy in your processes. Find out how to take advantage of the benefits of implementing AGVs robots to boost your business.

Maximize Internal Logistics Efficiency and take profit of the benefits of AGVs

Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV) are designed to optimize the transportation and movement of goods within your warehouse or distribution center.

  • Increase Productivity: AGVs work tirelessly 24/7, reducing downtime and boosting logistical operations’ efficiency.
  • Intelligent Navigation: Thanks to their communication capabilities with superior systems like Fleet Manager and Kivnon’s navigation systems, AGVs adapt to changes in the environment and find optimal routes for safe and efficient movement.
  • Total Flexibility: Easily configure AGVs to adapt to different tasks and internal logistics needs, from pallet transportation to picking and product packaging.

K55A stacking palletised loads in storage areas

Optimized Storage: Space, Time, and Cost Reduction benefits with AGVs

By implementing AGVs, your company can maximize efficient space management and organization in your warehouse.

  • Higher Storage Density: AGVs make optimal use of space, transporting loads to less accessible or delicate areas, freeing up valuable square footage, and allowing higher storage density.

  • Precise and Efficient Picking: AGVs ensure significant time savings, enabling collaboration with external elements like other AGVs, machines, or personnel.
  • Cost Reduction: AGV automation in storage operations reduces operational costs and maximizes inventory utilization profitability.

Agile and Flexible Production Lines with AGV mobile robots

  • Safe and Consistent Transport: AGVs transport materials safely and consistently, ensuring uninterrupted production line operation.
  • Production Flexibility: Rapid reconfiguration of tasks allows AGVs to adapt to changes in demand or the manufacturing process, keeping your production running smoothly.
  • Improved Occupational Safety: Automating heavy or hazardous tasks with AGVs reduces the risk of accidents and injuries to employees.

At Kivnon, we are ready to help you integrate our AGV Robots into your intralogistics, storage, and production line processes.

Contact us for a personalized demonstration and discover the benefits of implementing AGVs , and how can they elevate your business to the next level!