Kivnon expands its market in Europe with two new offices in Slovakia


Following the opening of Frankfurt’s delegation, Kivnon ratifies its internationalization by opening two new offices in Europe Slovakia

Kivnon has announced the opening of two new offices in Slovakia, one of them in Nitra and the other one in Žilina, forming the society Kivnon Slovakia s.r.o. After founding Kivnon Deutschland GmbH, based in Frankfurt, the company’s main objective remains the expansion and improving customer service in Central Europe.

The company welcomes Marek Maťovčík as Managing Director in Slovakia. Marek will lead Kivnon’s development within Slovakia and nearby countries, but also building new commercial opportunities, thus promoting Kivnon’s impact in the international industrial engineering market.

Kivnon is today one of the strongest AGV production company in industrial engineering and innovation in Central Europe. We explore new market opportunities, define new products or services and optimize processes to the customer.” asserts Marek.

“Being always in front line means being at local market to create strong teams focused on specific work and results. Customers always ask how close we are and how quick we can provide support to them and that’s why we decided to make strategic decision to open new offices in Slovakia representing Kivnon AGV products locally and in surround countries.“ Remarks Slovakia‘s Managing Director.

In addition, Kivnon has also confirmed through a release on its website that the office in Žilina will have a showroom. This way, customers can watch how their AGVs work without travelling to Barcelona, where the central headquarters is located.

Along with Germany, Kivnon has already 8 delegations in Europe, four of them in Spain: Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valladolid, Vitoria, Frankfurt, Žilina and Nitra.