Kivnon awarded as the most competitive SME of the year


Kivnon is recognized among more than 500,000 companies as the most competitive SME of 2018.

Kivnon, has been awarded as the most competitive SME of 2018 in the 32nd edition of SME Awards, an event scheduled by PIMEC every year. The organization recognizes the best business initiatives with capacity to overcome challenges, contributing to the socio-economic progress and employment creation.

The award was given in the annual solidary ceremony, chaired by Quim Torra Plan, President of the Government of Catalunya, who also was in charge of handing over the awards.

Kivnon has experienced an exponential growth in the last years, doubling their turnover and triplicating staff, regarding 2016. One of the main reasons of these excessive figures is the internationalization in which the company has been involved. Together with the existing and consolidated office in Germany, Kivnon has opened, within one year, one office in Vitoria, two in Slovakia, and sales offices in Mexico and Brazil.

Innovation has also been one of the key pillars when it comes to consider the award winner as the most competitive SME. Kivnon has always been known for its commitment to innovation, as shown by the new products released each year. As it happens, AGV K41 Slim, Kivnon’s last development, was recognized as the best innovation of the year at the fairground IFEMA in Madrid a couple of months ago.

The company, during award acceptance speech, thanked “everyone who has supported and helped us during the last years; customers, partners and suppliers, but above all, our great team that make us more competitive day by day” concluded Luis Gómez and Juan Prieto, owners of Kivnon.