How mobile robots can prepare your business for Logistics 4.0


The implementation of mobile robots is becoming a necessity rather than a choice in order to prepare for digital transformation.

In the age of Industry 4.0, the logistics sector alone has undergone a major paradigm shift called ‘Logistics 4.0’.

The challenges of Logistics 4.0 era

Alongside a shortage of transferable skills, inadequate digital infrastructure and cross-facility automation are often cited as the primary hurdles to digital transformation for logistic businesses.

Oftentimes, logistics managers don’t know where to start and assume a complete overhaul of manual processes is required. However, this is not the case. After a thorough assessment, automation can be implemented phase by phase, ensuring all operational processes are effectively transformed to leverage its benefits.

In addition to this, a reluctance to switch from traditional to automated material handling not only blocks operational flexibility but also increases the risk of workplace accidents and cost-heavy downtime.

The solution: mobile robots

To truly overcome these challenges, AGVs and AMRs are designed to integrate into existing digital infrastructures and support effortless cross-facility automation.

Add speed to supply chain operations

  • Specifically designed to move goods and materials within warehouse facilities, mobile robots navigate complex floor plans and avoid obstacles, which significantly reduces the time it takes to complete tasks and speeds up the supply chain.

Promote safer, more productive working conditions

  • Capable of performing manual and repetitive tasks, automating operations enables logistic managers to re-delegate employees to higher-value tasks.
  • This in turn instantly increases safety by reducing workplace accidents, saves on downtime.

Increase accuracy and supply chain security

  • Completely streamlining internal operations, AGVs and AMRs improve real-time accuracy for greater inventory management and supply chain security.

Offer your business a competitive advantage

  • By adopting mobile robots into your warehouse operations, your businesses can drive interactive flexibility across facilities and infrastructures.
  • Already providing your business with a competitive advantage, your business can also leverage its new reputation for innovation and efficiency while offering high-quality products and services.

Let Kivnon be your Logistics 4.0 partner

The design of Kivnon’s mobile robots allow to easily integrate into digital infrastructures and act as the foundation for cross-facility automation, especially in preparation for the budding demands of Logistics 4.0.

With advanced navigation and mapping capabilities, our innovative AGVs and AMRs are flexible enough to adapt to transforming conditions. Moreover, our scalable and modular systems enable clients to grow and optimize sustainably their operations over time.

Ready to start automating your business? Leverage our technology and industry expertise to increase your operational efficiency, improve customer experiences, and ultimately save costs. For more information, contact us today.