AGVs should provide more than basic safety requirements


Forklift incidents in the US annually result in 85 deaths and 34,900 serious injuries, According to a study from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA)

The reduction of human error, increased safety, and less need for complicated training or skills necessary to operate these machines are all factors to take into account while building an AGV.

Mobile Robots offer a simple way to increase both operational efficiency and safety in your manufacturing plant or warehouse. AGV are free to perform other tasks where they add more value to the process, and the number of accidents caused by manual forklifts is reduced. AGVs often share workspaces with people, making protection a primary consideration in their design.

Most deaths are caused by:

  • Entrapment. Either by things falling on them, maybe as a result of an unstable load or driver error, or from getting stuck between the truck and a hard surface or another truck.
  • Fatigue. Which increases the likelihood of human mistake, and accidents from inappropriate or repetitive lifting are two more protection concerns in manual activities.

Mobile robot manufacturerst must follow the Minimum protection requirements, but are they enough? All Autonomous Guided Vehicles must have kind of sensors and safety equipment to proactively avoid and mitigate dangers. They do not, however, consider the procedure for determining if a load is stable or for finding flaws in the working process. If we examine the fundamental structure, AGVs may very easily include extra features to raise the very minimal levels of protection.

These vehicles have shown they can boost safety compared to humanly controlled vehicles. It also offer good solutions in an expanding variety of applications. In order to assure higher safeness for workers, equipment, and carried commodities, it is vital to seek for solutions that go above and beyond the bare minimal needs while safety standards are being defined.

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