Safety first: Ensure safety operations with Kivnon’s mobile robots!


Creating Protected and Safety operations: Kivnon’s Mobile Robotics Solutions at the Forefront of safety.

At Kivnon, we prioritize safety above all else. Our mobile robots are designed with robust safety features to provide a secure and protected environment for both humans and machines, ensuring their coexistence in the same space.

But how do we guarantee safety through our mobile robotics solutions? Here’s how:

  • Avoiding potential collisions:

Our mobile robots are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors that enable them to avoid possible collisions.

They can detect obstacles in their path, reduce speed, and stop when necessary, ensuring smooth and incident-free operation.

  • Dynamic risk assessment

Our mobile robots constantly evaluate their surroundings, analyzing real-time data to identify potential risks.

They adapt their speed accordingly, proactively avoiding hazards and maintaining a safe working environment.

  • Human-robot collaboration

We understand the importance of collaboration between humans and robots, which is why our robots are designed to work in collaboration with people.

Safety functions such as motion detection and speed reduction when a person is detected ensure a secure working environment when humans and robots work side by side, reducing the risk of accidents.

  • Emergency stop function

In critical situations, Kivnon’s mobile robots are equipped with easily accessible emergency stop buttons. This allows for immediate intervention to halt robot operations, ensuring the safety of personnel and assets.

  • Robust safety standards

At Kivnon, we pride ourselves on complying with strict safety regulations and industry standards.

Our robots are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the highest safety requirements, providing peace of mind to our customers.

We firmly believe that technology should enhance both safety and productivity. With our mobile robots, you can trust that your operations are in good hands. Join us in revolutionizing your workplace with our cutting-edge, secure, and reliable automation solutions.

We’re here to help you achieve a safer and more efficient working environment!