Driving productivity and reducing costs with forklift warehouse automation


Using automated forklifts has revolutionized intralogistics and equipped businesses with automation capabilities necessary for industry 4.0.

With the advent of advanced technologies, automated forklifts have become more sophisticated and can perform tasks that are manual, highly repetitive, or dangerous to workers.

This in turn has led to increased productivity, efficiency, safety, and return on investment (ROI) as businesses begin leveraging forklift-powered warehouse automation.

New Lifting AGV, K55A Pallet Stacker

How exactly do automated forklifts reduce costs and increase productivity?

Processes become more efficient

The slicker maneuverability of automated forklifts simply makes internal processes more flexible and streamlined. This creates a more ergonomic warehouse floor and the opportunity for managers to delegate their workers to more productive tasks, thus, saving costs in the long term.

Seamless integration fast-tracks productivity

Automated forklifts can be integrated with other technologies to improve warehouse productivity and inventory management. Seamlessly integrating into warehouse management systems (WMS), automated forklifts can improve the accuracy of inventory management, safely and quickly move heavy loads that would be tricky for inexperienced drivers, as well as completely optimize warehouse space.

Reduces downtime

With automated forklifts, your warehouse experiences little to no downtime. Working alongside your team, automated forklifts can maximize efficiency while workers are applying to higher-value tasks. Furthermore, you can also expect lower maintenance costs due to less wear and tear and the predictive maintenance capabilities of automated forklifts.

Minimizes product damage

Leveraging their accuracy and reliability, automated forklifts promise less damage. Equipped with advanced safety features, precise navigation, and controllable movement, automated forklifts cause less damage to products and equipment, which will keep customers happy and have no impact on your revenue.

Automated pallet stackers also increase warehouse safety

In the past, forklifts were manually operated by drivers, presenting a major safety hazard. With a rough average of 87 deaths per year, it’s no surprise managers are jumping at the opportunity to prioritize employee safety and simultaneously drive automation!

Forklift driver qualifications are also challenging to obtain, meaning the availability of qualified drivers is often varied.

By adopting automated pallets in your warehouse, you instantly increase safety on the floor and drive more streamlined operations.

Is the K55A pallet stacker a good choice for your warehouse?

Our cutting-edge K55/K55A is the perfect solution for automating the transportation of medium palletized loads up to 1.5m in height and 1000kg in weight, optimizing storage space, and the effectiveness of internal logistics operations.

Due to its IoT capabilities, our easy-to-use and autonomous K55/K55A pallet stacker can connect to any upper-level system to work 24/7, ensuring you experience no costly downtime and leverage its accuracy to maintain warehouse and product standards.

Moreover, its continuous data collection on all operations can assist your warehouse managers with analyzing production capacity and optimizing internal procedures.

If you would like to start automating your warehouse with our K55/K55A pallet stacker or need additional information on our products or services, don’t hesitate to contact us.