Collaborations ACCIÓ Coupons Industry 4.0 Implementation Ref.:ACE008/20/000406 4.0 Platform for Technical Assistance Service and Mobile Robotics Knowledge Base Develop a tool for internal customer management for production incidents and external customer (SAT) for incident service requests, by implementing a mobile robotics knowledge base. The outsourced service would be: Methodology Benchmarking between different software platforms Consultancy […]



Collaborations Support for the internationalization process Ref.:ICEXNP_20200624851 ICEX Next is the ICEX Spain Export and Investment program for Spanish SMEs that want to grow internationally, assisting them in all stages of their project. Kivnon, in the framework of the ICEX Next Program, has been assisted by ICEX and co-financed by the European ERDF fund. The […]

Industry 4.0


Collaborations Diagnostics and Transformation Plan 4.0 Ref.: BOIND19-1-0095 The project’s main objective is to improve KIVNON’s competitiveness by developing a transformation plan based on detecting needs and defining a route map for the inclusion of new technologies and digital services that allow for an increase in income, cost optimization, and the generation of new business […]



Collaborations Research and Development Project Ref.: IDI-20191150 The aim of the COMPASS project is to develop a new high-performance logistics center paradigm that optimizes hardware and software through Industry 4.0 technologies. COMPASS will supply internal transport needs by assigning resources automatically according to real production, it will include natural navigation and obstacle avoidance technologies to […]


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