Kivnon collaborates with TAP to distribute and integrate its AGVs


In Kivnon, we are so excited to announce that TAP, a leading global industrial solutions provider, will be distributing our mobile robots AGVs/AMR.

“This partnership rerpresents marks a significant milestone for both of our companies. Thanks to TAP’s extensive reach and automation expertise, we can supply autonomous vehicles to a larger audience with full of confidence that TAP will implement them taking full advantage of their automation potential” José Pantaleao, Kivnon’s France Country Manager

Kivnon has partnered with TAP to leverage heightened AGV/AMR interest resulting from Industry 4.0 driven digital transformation in Europe.

TAP Group teams up with companies cross a broad spectrum of industrial segments with unique equipment solutions. The brand “Storagis” is dedicated to storage projects, solutions and equipment in particular for automotive and logistic sector.

Damien Marie, Sales Director of TAP Group, is proud to deal with Kivnon, one of the leaders of innovative and technological systems: “This is a real opportunity to optimize our clients’ supply chain. To reduce cost, increase productivity and safety.” Many of our clients projects involve advanced automation of material handling and warehousing operations. That usually means deploying one or more AGVs or AMRs.

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