Everything about AGV and its different types.


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What is an AGV?

The AGV is a mobile robot that fills a predeterminated instruction or signals to move around and complete actions (such as picking or dropping materials) autonomously.

Differences between AGV&AMR

Many people would say that there’s no difference between them, but in fact, there is one. Meanwhile AGV has a start/stop when they feel a human presence, AMR has an obstacle avoidance, they doesn’t stop, but try to find another way to get to the place they has to.

4 Types of AGV

      • Underride AGV

    This kind of mobile robots, drive underneath payloads. They are connected to it with tow pins or lift modules. They can be used most in cases for moving semi-finished goods between different production stations. Widely used in Automotive or E-commerce applications.

    Although this mobile robots are purchased in large quantities, they are the most affordable ones. Another benefit of this kind of AGV is that are the most flexible & adaptable ones because of their dimensions.

    You may know it also as an AGS (Automated guided carts) or Mouse AGV.

        • Forked AGV

      Simply refers to any AGV with forks. They do similar tasks to automated forklifts but they are designed from the ground up for automated operation only.

      Although forked AGV costs significally more than manual forklifts, their efficiency benefits often lead to a significant Return of Investment of 1 or 2 years. Forked AGV also has a very low maintenance and is easier to repair.

      Finally, although it seems otherwise this mobile robot is safer than forklifts. Forklifts cause more than 10% of the accidents in factories, meanwhile automatic vehicles are equipped with safety features that make accidents under normal working conditions virtually impossible.

      K55 Pallet Stacker

          • Tow Tractors AGV

        This type of AGV hitches to payloads such as carts and other logistic trains. This mobile robots offers towing capacities from 500kg to even several tones. They can also move several courts so they offer high throughput. Although their heaviness, they are so versatile in the way that they can be implemented in many sectors, indoor and outdoor in all weather conditions.

        An example of this Tow Tractors AGV is the transfer parts to an assembly line.

          • Unit loads AGV

        Unit loads AGV carries their payloads on top. It can be used in different transfer devices such as conveyors and lift platforms.

        This mobile robot is capable of carrying a diverse range of loads. They can be used to transport everything from light goods to robotic arms or multi-tone steel coils.

        They are also known as Turtle AGV.

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