Thierry Delmas appointed as the head of the Service Robotic Comission at AER’s


Kivnon's Managing Director, appointed as the head of Service Robotic Comission at the Spanish Association of Robotics & Automation

This appointment marks a milestone for Thierry Delmas and for Kivnon, underscoring his strategic contributions and more than two decades of experience in automation sector

As head of the Service Robotics Comission, Thierry will focus on fostering a collaborative environment, where industry leaders can share knwledge, drive innovation and adress the challenges from Robotic Sector. 

The Service Robotic Comission of AER plays a pivotal role in advancing service robotics across Spain, serving as the official representative of the IFR (International Federation of Robotics) in the country.  With 80% of the representation of the spanish mobile and social robotics sector, the comission is dedicated to promoting sector growth, influencing policy and fostering innovation. 

Further his appointment, Thierry Delmas said: “I see this as an opportunity to shape the future of service robotics in Spain. My goal is to foster collaboration within the industry and drive advancements that make robotics accessible across all sectors and business sizes”. 

Alex Salvador, Managing Director of AER, commented on Thierry’s appointment stating, “Thierry Delmas brings a wealth of experience and a strategic vision that aligns perfectly with our comission’s goals. His leadership will be instrumental as we continue to advocate for the growth and recognition of service robotics both in Spain and abroad, especially within a sector that exports on average 80% of its production.”

“This appointment not only reinforces Kivnon’s commitment to advancing servoce robotics but also enhances our reputation as a leader in the field” added Thierry Delmas. “We are confident that this will foster new opportunities and strenghten our position in the market.”