Magnetic Navigation

We develop the latest magnetic navigation system technologies for mobile robots adapted to any environment and industry

K05 Mobile robot in a Robotic Cell for Assembly Line Process
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Magnetic navigation

The AGV follows a circuit established by a magnetic guide.

Magnetic guides can be placed on the ground using adhesive tape or in an underground guide where RFID tags are located.

These tags contain the commands that the mobile robot must perfotm on the circuit.

When the AGV passes over an RFID tag, it reads the information on it and executes the actions assigned (stops, communication with field elements, battery recharge, etc.).

Full Versatility & Flexibility to modify
functions in the circuit

Simple configuration & modification

Accurate and Consistent Positioning


Kivnon tool to facilitate the user the creation, configuration and modification of magnetic circuits.

It presents a versatile solution that combines flexibility, efficiency, and safety, resulting in increased production 

in industrial and operational conditions.


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