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Join the future of automation

We are an international group specializing in automation and mobile robotics that manufacture and implement AGV/AMR

Fully committed to innovation as a way of offering easy-to-use solutions that set thends in our Industry 4.0 work enviroment. 

We offer highly innovative, robusts &  intuitive mobile robots that act as a reliable, safe and easy-to-use working partners. 

Our Products

At Kivnon, we are at the forefront of automation, providing a comprehensive range of products that redefine tha way businesses operate.

With a commitment to excellence, our advanced solutions are designed to optimize efficiency, streamline processes and enhance productivity across industries.

Unleash Mobile Robots potential

Flexible Navigation Systems

Our flexible systems in applications such as assembly lines facilitate a smooth workflow and collaboration between AGV and various elements.
As customer demands or producction needs evolve or change, our navigation systems can automatically readjust robot movements, trajectories, and priorities.

Connectivity with External Systems

Optimize task flow through the different communication options of our AGVs.
Starting from a basic level where the AGV has no interaction, to the highest level, where mobile robots are managed through a superior system like Fleet Manager

Safety as a priority

To date, our mobile robots have mantained a record of 0 accidents.
This is because Kivnon AGVs are equipped with advanced safety features that prevent any incidents.
The sensors and emergency stop functions integrated into the robots make them safer and more stable.

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